The Wild Hunt

by Quiet Hounds

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Mystical creatures crafting story.
Personified in song and otherworldly experiences.
The Quiet Hounds find themselves amongst the souls, the embers, the lights of a new journey.
A seekers chase, a race to find the questions and to build the answers. The past, the future, the present. They all have their role.
And so the Wild Hunt begins…

A story of hardship, of life and of love. The weary traveler’s tale can only be sung. Though the cities have yearned, the path has been long and the wanderer takes on a life of his own. So listen close for his language is old but his message is burned into the deepest of souls. May you smile or may you cry, be you lifted by the light, share this tale with all kin in sight.



released August 9, 2014

Written and Performed by Quiet Hounds
Recorded at The Flinn Farm, Glow in the Dark, Southern Tracks and Morgan Hall
Produced and Mixed by Deke Spears / Engineered and Mastered by Matt Rowles & Deke Spears
Strings on "Weathervane" written and arranged by David Daly

Additional musicians: Violins: Emily Ahlenius, Grace Kawamura / Viola: Rachael Keplin / Cello: Rachel Halverson / Timpani: Katelyn King / Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Russell Sauve / Trombone: David Daly
Artwork and layout by Smith Hound / Floating woman Mrs. Smith / ©2014 Quiet Hounds. All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Quiet Hounds Atlanta, Georgia

Some sounds just command the ear when created with honest pursuit; such is the case with Quiet Hounds. These are gentlemen of various talents unexpectedly united with the unabashed desire to produce pure, authentic music with only spontaneity as a guide. Stepping out of familiar cages and unleashed to create something that had been stirring within for quite some time. ... more


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Track Name: Weathered in the Sun
Tonight, so young, the wolves asleep
Be mine, even when I'm gone

Then, everywhere you run
Be strong, and promise you'll remember me

Weathered in the sun
Weathered in the sun
Track Name: Good Bones
So they tell me I'm a fool
Am I wading in a pool or am I in an old mirage…
In my cold garage.

Everyone will take a side
With the remnants of my pride out somewhere in the desert dunes,
Like a lost balloon

You could say its just pretend
But the counting in my head keeps ticking and it never ends,
Like a faithful friend

Its the same old tired scene,
So I take it you believe in something of a miracle,
Wanting something more.

If I promised you the world,
would you trade your soul for gold and follow in the darkened fog…
with the howling dogs.

Hear me calling,
I'm about to break down falling from the trees,
Please come catch me

I've got this feeling this things gonna fly
We've got good bones to finally build an empire

I've got this feeling this things gonna go
We've got good bones, to finally make a home

And with the eagles soaring wide awake
Confide our wings will stand this hurricane

I've sold my everything oh can't you see
No one can stop us if you'll trust in me

I've got this feeling maybe you and I
We've got good bones to finally build an empire
Track Name: Wild Light
This pending doom, here in my sight
there are resting lions, in the hunting night

the purest taste was in my mouth
we decided then, we would chase it south

So i propose we take a chance
water in my shoes, soaking wet romance

If in my hands, I keep it still
maybe it won't lash, maybe it won't kill

So wild the lightning ready ready
Too blind to get too heady heady
On time we keep this steady steady

High time we get what's coming to us
Chasing the spectrum beating though us
So wild the lightning calling to us

Oh I don't know what came to be
was it chance or fear, that would set me free

In mirrored glass, in porcelain cups
something i can't catch, something I can't touch

Take a stake in the ground you claim to keep,
but not for me

So you think you can catch what can't be held
but not for free
Track Name: Cove Noises
All the mayflies dance the air
spaces between your wirey hair

Oh in the salty tired sea
there is constant company

And for this I'll have to say
Missing me while I'm away

Is such a shameful waste of blue
all the while I'm next to you

All along the shore, This beating in our hearts you can't ignore.
So know you aren't alone
Don't you turn away
the noises in the cove are here to stay
Oh I'll be coming hooooooome

When the empire wakes at dawn
and the screaming waters gone

You left your pining on the floor
on the lantern's rusted door
Through the curtains pulled to side
And your eyes now opened wide

While the hunted whales are free
swimming quietly next to me

I'll be coming home, don't turn away,
know you aren't alone, I'm here to stay

All along the shores the noises call me
just beyond the door so much You can't see
All along the shores your thinking of me
Track Name: Young Clover
How we sink in the thick of your brilliance
I don't know how you keep so resilient

every night i believe that you're listening
don't say I don't….

Oh no, was there something I'm missing
I'm fine with phantoms you're kissing

everyone just a promise your keeping
don't say its not…

Lay down your arms and all agree
to tangle in the clover sea

Tonight, so young, the wolves asleep
Be mine, even when I'm gone

Then, everywhere you run
Be strong, and promise you'll remember me

Weathered in the sun
Weathered in the sun

I know you're bit too tired
broad leaves running miles and miles
I'd fight for you sister
oh don't say I won't.

I won't let you fall behind
die out let the sunlight blind
asphalt til we blister
oh don't say i won't
Track Name: Underwater Listening
Tell me what you want and I can make it happen,
Are you really upside down?
I can turn you right side, easy on the upside
Make you want to keep me around

Sunday make me holy
Everything you told me
Keeping me an honest man

Payday keep me rolling
Nothing here was stolen
Doing just the best I can.

I hear what you're saying anyway
Cold hands in the heat
No plans to forget the words you say
I promise to keep.

Underwater listening
Someone that your kissing
Doesn't have the ears for you

Now I'm barely breathing,
Underwater weaving
Something that'll hold your thoughts

Keep them in my pocket
Sentimental locket
Memorizing, numbers caught.

I hear what you're saying
So I wasn't listening
Know you aren't playing, true

I hear what you're saying anyway
Cold hands in the heat
No plans to forget the words you say
I promise to keep.
Track Name: Dangerlove
I've come a long way just for you my Danger Love and everything I thought to say thick in my blood

I've taken all I can take, no mercy and make no mistake I'll go and put all my faith in you, push comes to shove

Oh gone shear and something pretty, black skies over my cities oh my danger love, my danger love

Oh blond something San Francisco torn shoes wearing out the disco my danger love, my danger love holds me true

We've come a long way you and me, my Danger love and though we often just agree to disagree, I'm giving no more today, don't push it, don't change out your hue I've gone and put all my faith in you, my danger love,

Oh gone shear and something pretty these eyes judging by committee oh my danger love, my danger love

oh stop trying to be a hero torn shoes wearing out the disco oh my danger love, my danger love holds me true

I've given you all, my danger love...
Track Name: Stand & Stare
Local fauna flora and my head keeps turnin more and more, I listen, don't hasten
Sow it like a seed and find it growing in the weeds and then i'll harvest, no wasting

Don't stare, all day. oh working disarray.
Don't wait, too long. your legs weren't made to hold these horses …

I can hold a candle to explosions we can't handle in the mayhem, so radiant
give me something to believe in, break the shackles, set me free, I breathe in, resilience.

Don't stare, all day. oh working disarray.
Don't wait, too long. your legs weren't made to hold these horses … back

So stand. Go stand...

Making time to listen is an accident we fall into our boxes, so hollow.
Taking time to turn away and lift our heads into the atmosphere. oh, I follow.

All these horses and I was made up.
Of the forces that made me wake up.
lift your head and believe that you can stand
Track Name: Weathervane
Storms from the east, moving west. never cease, never fret.
Maybe we're running free, taking about you and me.
Thinking that you might choke on dandelions in your throat.

Once we were lost, never found. stinging wasps, radiant sounds
Carry on overhead, striking your cold spring bed
Thanking old lucky stars washing your dirty scars.

To the east, thick and stare. bitter sweet swells the air.
Filling up every lung, quenching your thirsty tongue
Looking like you'd turn back, faking my heart attack.

Open up your eyes and make me whole.
The ravens crying nowhere else to go.
Even if we're here until the end.
East to west, I've found my flowing friend.